All kinds of dissertations

A new service in a professional center in the network, this means that now not only university students, but also graduate students can significantly save their personal and working time. The team of authors will competently select the material for the dissertation research, the substantiation of the relevance, the novelty of the dissertation, the concept of the dissertation, prepare the full qualitative text of the dissertation, as well as the introduction, the dissertation chapters, conclusion, author’s abstract, bibliography.

Since the candidate or doctoral thesis involves a longer period of performance and more serious development than the thesis, the approach to writing it is significantly different. There is a general definition of a thesis.

The dissertation paper is a scientific qualification document that reflects the result of the author’s scientific research and submitted to them for a degree. The dissertation of the candidate of sciences or doctoral thesis is presented to the commission in the form of a specially prepared handwritten text, scientific report or published monograph.

Dissertation structure 

Standardly, the thesis has a clear structure:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Thesis text
  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion
  • List of abbreviations and conventions
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • List of illustrated material
  • Applications

Thesis to order

Since the dissertation research has a much more serious structure than a graduation paper or course paper, accordingly, the amount of work may be different. The cost of writing a dissertation PDF may be different, depending on the complexity, so we do not set clear price limits. You can learn the cost of a specific paper from our managers, after preliminary consultation and providing all the necessary material.

You can check the cost and terms of the securities with our managers. We hope our new service “thesis to order” will help you to save your personal and working time, as well as the best possible preparation for protection.

To order PhD dissertation writing help from professional specialists means to remain completely confident in the observance in the finished work of all existing certification standards. Another, no less important advantage of scientific paper to order is the possibility of obtaining reliable guarantees of the absence of plagiarism. It is very important that the requirements for the reasoning of judgments and the accuracy of the data given are strictly adhered to when written by a doctoral or PhD candidate to order. In this case, the author uses all possible and available tools of the evidence base – charts, graphs, charts, symbols, formulas, tables, etc.

PhD thesis

Despite the fact that writing such a paper is a thorough and multi-step process, it is technologically quite often performed by one specialist. At the same time, complete and accurate preservation and control of the sources used is ensured, while maintaining the emphasis on the author’s information. In some cases, on the contrary, it is advisable to involve a team of several specialists. The dissertation research is carried out according to a previously agreed plan, separately. And in each case the candidate (as well as the doctoral) is compiled in strict accordance with the current regulations.

Master’s dissertation

Master paper has its own characteristics – both in terms of the preparation procedure and in its protection. Thus, the requirements of publications in scientific journals in the case of the defense of the candidate’s and doctoral studies are obligatory, while preparing the paper for the protection of a master’s degree such requirement is not mandatory. Unlike dissertations for the degree of a doctor or a candidate of science representing papers of serious scientific value, the paper of a master’s degree is rather related to educational research papers. However, it requires the performer:

  • exact compliance with the training program;
  • skills to conduct an independent scientific search;
  • the ability to clearly identify a professional problem and to offer general methods and techniques for its solution.

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